Good Resources to Learn Deno

The following links are using TypeScript. If you are not familiar with that, so I recommend you to check TypeScript first.

The Net Ninja

Traversy Media

Web Dev Simplified shared their page with me. The site looks good to me. If you are not familiar with TypeScript, is for you!

Also, is a good resource since you can check the published libraries' code easily.

This article was very useful for me to publish a third party lib to


This article explains how to create a simple CLI tool with Deno.

Go lang packages

If you want to publish a lib and can read Go lang code, Go lang packages site is helpful since Deno doesn't have a system like npm which means all libraries will be checked by contributors/code owners. I saw a PR that someone tried to publish isOdd/isEven for Deno, then a reviewer just rejected the PR because they were just one line code, so they didn't need to be a lib.

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